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Specialists in small dog aggression. We find the most efficient way to stop the problem and resolve most issues with one session.

We are always able to stop aggression in smaller dogs immediately (during the session), jumping up and many other problems can usually be stopped very quickly - the behaviour will most likely go during the session.

We offer individual dog training sessions, using a variety of techniques tailored to suit your dogs needs.

Our unique method of training aggression/nervousness out of small and medium sized dogs involves recreating the behaviour, and showing you how to deal with it, during the session. After our initial session we will send you a list of 'rules' specific to your dog to help you achieve the results you want. We will then come back for as many additional sessions as needed, and will always be at the end of the phone to help and advise.

In addition we invite you to bring your dogs on our group walks for free, so you can practice your training with a group of our dogs while having the support of our experienced and skilled dog handlers.

If you are not confident with training (very common with dog aggression or antisocial behaviour in public), we can socialise and remove unwanted behaviours from your dog on our group walks.

Our trainers:

James, the owner of Mad Dogs & Englishmen, has a wealth of experience of working with dogs. James holds the National Dog Trainers Federation Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training.

Wayne is our head trainer and the franchisee for Mad Dogs Parramatta. Wayne served in the Australian Army as an explosives detection dog trainer and instructor. Wayne was also the manager of one of Sydneys biggest dog kennels and training facilities. His qualifications include:

  • Cert IV in Companion Animal Services(canine behaviour and training)
  • Certificate IV (TAA 10404) Training and Assessing
  • Explosive Detection Dog Trainer Course, School of Military Engineering 
  • Army Assessor and Workplace Trainer, School of Military Engineering
  • Explosive Detection Dog Handler Course, School of Military Engineering
  • Specialist Search Dog Handler Course, Australia Wide Complete Dog Service 
  • Dog Trainer Course, Australia Wide Complete Dog Service 
  • Protection Dog Handler Course, Aylwards Dog School

Carlos (Mad Dogs Chatswood), Gabriel (Mad Dogs Manly), Xavier (Mad Dogs Eastern Suburbs) and Kiel (Mad Dogs Inner West and Cronulla), have all either completed, or are due to complete their dog walking qualifications – so there is a strong element of training should you decide to use our dog walking service in conjunction with, or after the training.

If your dog is barking at the gate, jumping up at people, showing signs of aggression to people or dogs, or just wont come back and being generally disobedient give us a call.

Puppy training
Our dog trainer Wayne
Puppy training with Suki
The small group
at Waverton Park
and dog walking Parramatta
Suki & Wayne
Puppy training


Dog Training $150 per session

I now have a completely new dog – much to my complete astonishment (not that I didn't have faith, but I was still fairly sceptical). I took her to Dee Why beach last weekend and she did not blink an eyelid at any of the other dogs. Absolutely amazing, the best $150 I have ever spent. Thank you so much.

Amanda Davies