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We consistently provide an honest, reliable, professional service. We operate right across Sydney and Brisbane, and because we operate as a franchise system, you will be getting a personal service from the franchisee for your area.

Mad Dog and Englishmen was established in 2005 by myself and my wife Catherine. The secret to our success is that we never cut corners - we always do 1 hour walks, only walk 4 dogs per walker (as per the law), only use quality, modern vehicles especially equipped for the dogs, and invest heavily in training so that all of our walkers are extremely professional and skilled and work to the same standards.

We have strong element of training on our walks, and welcome our dog walking and training clients to join our group walks for free, where we can offer lots of useful training tips and advice. You cab put what you have learned in the training sessions into practice, or your franchisee can help sow you how to handle your dog at the park by using the same techniques as our trained staff.

As we operate a franchise system, you will get to know your dog walker well as they will own their own business. This means you wont get lots of different people turning up at your house who you don't know, and they will be keen to see that you are always happy with our service as they will have personally invested themselves in that business.

All the MDAE walkers have public liability insurance and follow our strict guidelines to ensure the dogs in our care are safe and well cared for at all times. We always turn up, and are always available for extra walks if needed, and have a vested interested in doing a great job every time.

We stand by our reputation, and post pictures of the dogs outings on instagram daily, so you can keep in touch with what they have been doing. We provide lots of feedback and flexibility (we guarantee we can walk your dog if you let us know by 5pm the night before)

In Oct 2012, we sold our first franchise to Marcelo, who had worked for us for a number of years - he is now successfully running things in Neutral Bay and Mosman, whilst I still operate in the rest of the lower north shore from Kirribilli to Lane Cove and Castlecrag. Carlos, started the franchise for Chatswood & surrounding suburbs in 2013, whilst 2014 saw the launch of our franchises in Balmain & then Manly was followed in 2015 by Xaviers franchise in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. And more recently we have started franchises in Pittwater, Parramatta, Coogee, Ryde, Inner West and most recently expanding into Queensland with a franchise in Brisbane.
By operating under a franchise system, your dog walker will have ownership of his own business & allows us to maintain our high standards & follow our core values of professionalism & reliability.

As the business has developed, we have continued to concentrate on keeping the groups and area's small, to maintain quality of service - and have continued to add to our fleet of vehicles. Rather than try to do everything in one van, we have invested in additional staff and vehicles - we currently have 28 modern, branded vehicles in operation, more coming soon!

Having done the dog walking for several years, we have a very organised business and have clearly defined values, namely that we will always turn up, we are always available, we wont cut the walk short, your dog wont be in the van for long and we have a walker for every 4 dogs.

"We were out running last week and we saw Petra at the service station. Poor Lady, Wally spent the next 5 minutes trying to get into her Mad Dogs Van! He obviously loves them so much, nothing normally distracts him from a run" (Wally's owner)

"Just to let you know that we have two very successful days walking Harry. He only pulled a couple of times, we corrected and he has been as good as gold. What a pleasure he is to walk now. We walked past the horrible dogs and he didn’t react. All quite unbelievable – we have been pulling, pushing, struggling and getting so very frustrated all these years. Harry and we are so much happier. We shall never look back – thanks very much James. Regards Mary"

Shaggy after his walk
He'll sleep for rest of day.
having a swim
Elliot & Bandit
at Waverton PArk
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