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Mad Dogs & Englishmen is one of Australia's busiest dog walking services, with a focus on professionalism, and offering a quality, reliable & honest service.
Now walking dogs right across Sydney & the lower North Shore.

Our promise to you.

1. We always turn up.
2. We always walk a maximum of 4 dogs per walker.
3. Our walks are always a full hour - we never cut the walk short.
4. Your dog will spend no more than 30 minutes travelling in the van.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen Dog walking, offer the longest, funnest walks in Sydney. Visit our YouTube channel to see the dogs in action.

Our dogs always get to spend one hour at the park in groups of four dogs (up to eight if two dog walkers). The whole experience of collecting your dog and his friends, driving to the park and being delivered safely home, usually lasts about two hours, so it's a great way to split up a long boring day at home alone.

Is your dog a mad dog?
If so, we have the experience, ability and willingness to transform your problem dog into a happy and social pooch. Over the years we have taken numerous dogs that may be anti-social, nervous or just a bit of a nutter and changed them into calm, confident dogs. All of the dogs we walk will happily walk with any other dog.

We always put the dogs into sensibly sized groups (usually four dogs), if we do a bigger group walk (maximum of eight dogs) there will be two people walking them.

We are also able to socialise puppies during the course of our group walks, ensuring you end up with a happy, well balanced dog.

At Mad Dogs & Englishmen, we understand that all dogs have different needs for their walks, if you have a dog that just loves other dogs and chasing the ball, we may put them in a bigger group and let them have a big run together. If your dog is older, injured, nervous or just a quieter soul, we tend to put them in a calmer group, or take them on a bush walk. In the Summer we take them to the beach for a swim if that's what they enjoy. We don't just go to the park nearest your house, we try and vary their walks as much as possible so that they get the most out of their time with us.

In addition, we post pictures daily on Instagram of the dog walks, so you you can see what your pooch has been up to. Just click on the Instagram logo at the bottom of the page an follow us!

We charge $28.00 for the first dog, and $12.00 for additional dogs.
discounts available for five days a week.
NB Some area's are subject to GST.
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"Just wanted to write and say thank you! Our boys seem so much happier after their walks (it takes them three days to recover!) but they are generally better behaved. took them to the park on Sunday and it was so much easier…they were friendly/social and so much more obedient. So thank you!" Dene

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