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All of these testimonials are from unsolicited e mails from our clients…….plenty more can be found on our facebook page @maddogsdogwalking, or under the profile of each of our franchisees (too many to fit on this page!)

" most sincere thanks for your training with us, it has made our lives so much better - we now come back from our walks all laughs and smiles at our dogs mindless enthusiasm for life, rather than stressed and embarrassed. Felix went from a dog that was frightened and aggressive to a completely different dog in just one session..."

S. Chan & Felix

"just to let yo know that we have had two very sucessful days of walking harry. He only pulled a couple of times, we corrected him and he has been good as gold. What a pleasure to walk now. We walked past those horrible dogs and he didn't react. All quite unbelievable - we have been pulling, pushing, struggling and getting so very frustrated all these years. Harry and we are so much happier. We shall never look back - thanks very much James. Regards, Mary"

"I now have a completely new dog – much to my complete astonishment. (not that I didn't have faith, but I was still fairly sceptical). I took her to Dee Why beach last weekend and she did not blink an eyelid at any of the other dogs! Absolutely amazing! Best $150 I have ever spent. Thank you so much and feel free to use any of this email as a testimonial if you want to!"

Amanda Davies

"Just wanted to write and say thank you! Our boys seem so much happier after their walks (it takes them three days to recover!) but they are generally better behaved. I took them to the park on Sunday and it was so much easier... they were friendly/social and so much more obedient. So thank you!"


"I've just come back from a long walk around the streets of Willoughby with Murphy and I have to say, it was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had with him!"

S. Parker

"It was a great training session and this follow up info is great as well. I have had a 100% improvement on pulling on the lead and we went to the park under the bridge today on a long lead to practice coming when called (with a lot of distraction) and was very successful."

G. Kerswell

"I took her up to Byron for the Xmas week and she was absolutely a changed dog when we walked along the very crowded dog beach. Previously, I had to put her on the leash anytime we saw another dog but now, thanks to your great work she is so relaxed with other dogs. I've attached a couple of pics"

"Oslo has been absolutely amazing with his leash walks. We can't believe what a pleasure it is to take him out for his walk. It has revolutionised our time with him from being hard work and frustrating to pure joy. Many thanks for your guidance and instruction."

R. Peric

"Hi James – our walk today was sooooooo relaxing. Harry walked like a perfect gentleman. Usually when we get home my shoulders are so tense and my mood is even worse than tense. Today I feel good after our walk. I did have to correct Harry once and did a bit of backward walking a few times but all in all the difference was remarkable. Thanks very much. Now we just have to be diligent with the behaviour inside the house."

M. Crammond

Hey,I think you deserve a testimonial you are the best dog walker ever.Luke has been walking my dogs twice a week for the last 9 months. I have had many dog walkers of varying levels of professionalism and reliability over the last ten years. I can assure you that Luke is the best I have ever had. I feel calm knowing that my dogs are with him and are safe at all times. Only 4 dogs a walk is very important to me.My dogs are my whole life. I had a very traumatic event happen at an off leash park and my anxiety was very high when walking my dogs. I gave up on off leash and walked my dogs on lead only. I realised they needed a doggy social life I could not give them. Hence Luke was called and became a fabulous addition to our lives. Jess my female dog has become more relaxed and I am informed that she is the equivalent of a doggy 'bouncer"and her lovely personality shines on group walks. Luke was so kind when his walking buddy (and my lovely old deaf dog) Hugo passed away. Luke is still waking Jess and will soon meet and walk Harry my adopted greyhound.He is a lovely person and clearly loves animals. His calm nature has had a positive effect on me and my dogs, for this I am very grateful and felt compelled to send this email unprompted! Angela.

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